Safety Page

When working with metal materials, hand tools, and workshop tools, it’s more than likely that someone will injure themselves. However, we are attempting to minimize this with the help of our fabulous safety team.

We regulate the use of tools with our specially designed Safety badges that indicate the skill level with tools of the badge’s person. These badges are leveled by color, the lowest level, Blue & Purple, being unable to use shop tools without mentor supervision, to the highest, Red, being able to use all shop tools without supervision.

(For Robotics Members) To advance to Green or Yellow badges, click the links below. Remember not to skip badge tests, as you will have to take them one by one.

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Current Season

Every year FIRST has a new theme for its robotics competitions, and this year, its space. Or more specifically, Destination: Deep Space. However, the games don’t begin until late January, so FIRST has simply put out a Teaser Trailer for the Game, leaving us all guessing as to what it could insue.

As the official FRC game season has not yet begun, we are focusing more on an activity called BunnyBots. This competition is a mock game season meant to educate new members of FIRST Robotics on how the games work and how they can help out in their teams. For this year, we are in the process of prototyping our robot and showing the freshmen how to work in different subteams.