Community Events


WINExpo is an annual event held by the Willamette Innovators Network that
showcases technology entrepreneurs in the Willamette Valley. For the 3rd year in a row,
our team was invited to join the other companies and demonstrate our robots. We chose,
this year, to showcase our BroccoliBot project at the event (we also brought a small robot
for the kids to drive). Spectators were amazed by our vision automation, and several
potential sponsors had their interest piqued by our robust design. The kids had a fun time, too!

Pancake Feast

Our annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser raises a large portion of our yearly revenue. At this year’s Pancake Breakfast, we supplied delicious all-you-can-eat pancakes
in many forms — gluten-free, mixed berry, and chocolate chip. In addition, we had sausages, eggs, biscuits and gravy supplied by Van Vleet Meats, Coffee provided by Starbucks, bread supplied by Great Harvest, donuts supplied by Death By Donutz, and English muffins supplied by New Morning Bakery. We also had many exciting themed raffle baskets at the breakfast full of donations from parents, mentors, and local businesses ranging from a Fit Chick basket to a Movie Night In basket. Thanks to our hardworking business mentors, we were able to increase revenue by pre-selling tickets for the breakfast. By doing this, we were able to raise over $1000 more than last year! We hope this will serve to increase the number of people attending the Pancake Breakfast in years to come as well as make the community more aware of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and promote STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).

The funds acquired from the Pancake Breakfast help our team pay for competition registration costs as well as lower travel costs to allow more members to travel with the team to the competition. Overall, the Pancake Breakfast not only provided income for our team but also a fun way to reach out to the community as a whole. Many thanks to the gracious 2017 Pancake Breakfast sponsors!

Benefit Concert

Our third annual CV Robotics Benefit Concert was just as fun as our previous
concerts, despite fewer acts. We had an excellent performance from several students –
shoutout to all participants: Lucy, Alicia, Andrea, Tristan and friends, Micah and Gabe, and all of our brave kazooists! After the top-notch performances, refreshments were provided, and our 2017 BunnyBot competition robot was available for driving to all ages. All-in-all, it was a great chance for our students to show off their non-robotics skills while still supporting the team. Next year, we hope to turn it into an all-team talent show to increase the amount of creative acts students can present for the community!

Science Nights

This year the team attended the science nights of elementary schools Franklin, Hoover, and Mountain View. We brought our current robot for kids to drive around, the 2016 drivebase to use clecos, and materials for kids to build gumdrop bridges. At Franklin and Hoover, we were joined by Cheldelin’s FTC teams and their robots for a joint outreach project. All three of these nights were highly effective; we received positive reception and taught kids how to get involved in robotics.

Corvallis Maker Fair

We brought our 2018 competition robot to have kids practice drive it, and additionally, show off our scissor lift! Additionally, stations for gumdrop bridges and clecos were set up for people of all ages to apply their imagination to STEAM-related activities. We also displayed our Chairman’s video alongside a recording of our best seasonal matches. Despite the drenching rain, we managed to keep our spirits high and make sure the kids had a good time!

OSU Engineering Expo

We brought our Broccoli bot and demonstrated what it did and how our vision system worked. Additionally, we brought our 2018 competition robot and showed our scissor lift. We displayed our Chairmans video at our station also.

Da Vinci Days

For Da Vinci Days we brought our 2018 competition robot to show how different every team had solved the same problem. We also brought supplies for gumdrop bridges and clecos to get people involved. Our team answered any questions people had and talked to many more while having a good time at the fair!


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