Community Events

WIN Expo

WIN Expo is an annual event held by the Willamette Innovators Network that showcases technology entrepreneurs in the Willamette Valley. For the past few years, our team was invited to join the other companies and demonstrate our robots. This year we were the only highschoolers at WIN Expo. We always have fun activities planned for any child who comes.

Pancake Feast

Our annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser raises a large portion of our yearly revenue. We go business to business downtown collecting donations for raffle baskets and silent auctions. Another thing we, as the students, do is go door to door to neighbors to sell tickets as yet another way to reach out to the community. There is an all you can eat meal of pancakes, sausage, and other breakfast foods.

The funds we acquire from the Pancake Breakfast help our team pay for competition registration costs as well as lower travel costs to allow more members to travel with the team to the competitions. Overall, the Pancake Breakfast not only provides income for our team but is also a fun way to reach out to the community as a whole. Many thanks to our gracious Pancake Breakfast sponsors!

Science Nights

Every year the team attends the science nights of elementary schools Franklin, Hoover, and Mountain View. We bring our current robot for kids to drive around, clecos, and/or materials for kids to build gumdrop bridges. Sometimes we are joined by Cheldelin’s FTC teams and their robots for a joint outreach project. All three of these nights are highly effective as we received positive reception and taught kids how to get involved in robotics.

Corvallis Maker Fair

We bring our competition robot to have kids practice drive it and additionally show off unique deign elements! Additionally, stations for gumdrop bridges and/or clecos are set up for people of all ages to apply their imagination to STEAM-related activities. We also display our Chairman’s video alongside a recording of our best seasonal matches. Despite any complications, we manage to keep our spirits high and make sure the kids have a good time!

OSU Engineering Expo

As a high school group we display our current robot in conjunction with college level engineering feats. We set up a pit and have robot demonstrations. These include kids interacting with different elements of the robot (i.e. one year we launched yoga balls in the air for children to catch) and allowing people to drive it.

Da Vinci Days

For Da Vinci Days we bring the previous years competition robot to show how different every team had solved the same problem. We also bring supplies for gumdrop bridges and/or clecos to get people involved. Our team answers any questions people have and talk to many more while having a good time at the fair

Benton County Fair

At the County Fair we drove the competition around to show off the design elements. we also had stations for gumdrop bridges and clecos set up so people of all ages could have fun with a STEAM related activity. We also display our chairman’s video, broccoli-bot video, and a recording of seasonal matches. We make sure to have a interesting station for kids to have a good time with!

A kid putting a hatch on our 2019 robot

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