Eight of our robotic students have been listed as inventors on a patent for BroccoliBot.

Due to the way that broccoli crowns grow, the green vegetables are difficult to harvest and therefore produce little income. To combat this, OSU created broccoli with crowns that grew above their leaves, but this new creation was left unmarketed because there were no harvesters specifically designed for this new kind of hybrid broccoli.

That’s when former Team 955 mentor, Dr. Peter Mes, introduced our team to the problem and allowed us to engineer a robot that would mechanically harvest this new kind of broccoli. This project will fill a gap in the agricultural tech industry, as the current harvesting methods require lots of expensive manual labor.

While this project helps to improve the broccoli industry, it also helps our team members use their engineering skills to solve real-world problems and get used to working together in a realistic setting.

“I was the sole designer for the 2017 BroccoliBot, which came with some challenges. Over my first Bunnybot and FRC seasons I never really got to do much actual CAD work due to how the design subteam was run, and so BroccoliBot proved to be my first true trial run as a designer. I learned many valuable lessons from that, all of which I implemented as the leader of the design for BroccoliBot 2018. This project has provided some great experiences for me and I hope to see it through.” – Carter Precourt, Design Captain


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