BroccoliBot Patent

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BroccoliBot has been worked on from 2015 to current. BroccoliBot patent was submitted in 2019. The patent covers the technology that BroccoliBot uses. The BroccoliBot was submitted under the name of  “ROBOTIC AUTOMATION OF MECHANICAL FIELD HARVESTING OF BROCCOLI PLANTS”.  The patent was filed with eight students listed as the inventors of the patent. Despite having submitted the BroccoliBot patent in 2019, the students listed as inventors were students who significantly contributed throughout the entirety of BroccoliBot.


Duncan Freeman- CVHS 2018, Now at LBCC

Abraham Mes- CVHS 2018, Now at Purdue

Genevieve Nelson- CVHS 2018, Now at Montana State University

Micah Mes-  Santiam Christian 2020

Mae Evans- CVHS 2020

Danielle Scutero- CVHS 2020

Genevieve Sauret- CVHS 2019, Now at University of Oregon

Carter Precourt- CVHS 2020

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