About Us

     The Crescent Valley High School Robotics Team (FRC Team 955) was founded in September 2001 by engineering teacher Mark Baldwin, an applied arts teacher at Crescent Valley High School. We have grown from just twelve students to a family of over 30 in recent years. The team is a club activity at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, Oregon and is a part of the NASA sponsored FIRST program. Each year we participate in community education and outreach activities. We compete in local robotics competitions and the worldwide FRC challenge. If you would like to know more see the 2022 Spring Newsletter at the bottom of this page.
To spread the word about robotics, the team participates in local science and engineering fairs as well as various other community events. In events such as the County Fair, students teach community members about the program. Our team also goes to local middle elementary schools to encourage students to explore science and technology, and possibly join our team when they attend high school.
Since our rookie year, when we earned the Motorola Quality Award at the Pacific Northwest Regionals, we have maintained a history of quality and craftsmanship. 
The Business Sub-team with our first Entrepreneurship Award for Destination Deep Space.


                We constantly strive to increase the amount of time we spend volunteering, primarily by going to elementary schools to actively engage younger students in science and technology education. This extends to middle schools as well. This is a way to spread the FIRST message while recruiting inspired students for future years. We highly value promoting enthusiasm for science and technology in younger students.
Us doing outreach activities.

 A goal of ours is also to streamline fundraising methods that allow the team to work towards providing funds for our program while still allowing students to focus on participating in robotics. We hope that by establishing annual community fundraisers, such as Mother’s Day flower sales, our program will become sustainable and decrease the overall time we spend fundraising to allow for more robotics activities.

 We aim to increase the number of partnerships within the local community to promote investment in FIRST and its programs. This will allow the team to exert less effort in fundraising, and put a larger amount of effort into community outreach programs, like Da Vinci Days. Such partnerships link us to our community, and maintaining these partnerships increases the sustainability of our program in future years, as well as raise the current level of awareness of all sub-team activities within our team. This will allow our team to better function as a whole, and create less miscommunication between sub-teams, like coordinating team activities that involve all members; including fundraisers, or even competition deadlines.

Our chairman’s video acts a general summary of our team.

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