Mentors and Community Supporters

Our team may be a student-led robotics team, but we’ll always need a little help along the way. Mentors and Community Supporters help us to stay professional and maintain a constant calm working atmosphere. We define a mentor as a parent or community member who consistently gives their time and talents to guide and encourage our team and a community supporter as someone who assists the team but not as regularly as a full-fledged mentor. Each mentor has a specific sub-team they usually work with based on their talents. Our team simply would not be where we are today without all the help and support of our outstanding mentors and community sponsors. Thank you!

Fabrication Mentors:


Walt & the Electrical Subteam
  • Walt Mahaffee: USDA – ARS

Business Mentors:

  • None
our mentors, 3x3b
Charles helping out a student.

General Mentors:

  • Charles Dupuy: Voxtel
  • Tanya Carone: Self-employed medical device consultant
  • Rob Merickel

Community Supporter:

  • Becky Wood: Samaritan Health
  • Nanette Dupuy: Tunnel Radio
Charles Dupuy working with the fab team on a mill
Mentors helping a group of students during competition